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9/3 G5 Trading Game (Social Studies)

Fifth Grade Trading Game (Social Studies)

The fifth graders have been learning how Native Americans traded natural resources with each other and how European explorers traded goods with Native Americans. In Social Studies today, they did a trading simulation. They each had a secret goal and needed to barter with each other to get the resources they needed. They have fun with this hands-on trading activity, and they learned the importance of communication and cooperation.


五年級社會課,正在學習美洲原住民之間是如何交換自然資源,以及歐洲探險家如何與美洲原住民進行商品貿易。 在今天的社會課程中,他們進行了一場模擬交易。 他們每個人都有一個秘密目標,需要彼此交換以獲得所需的資源。 他們在這個動手交易活動中玩得很開心,並且了解了交流與合作的重要性。

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