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Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is an integral aspect of our school that connects the parents with our faculty and the daily events at HAS. At HAS, we encourage parental involvement in community building. The PTA receives a budget every year and is able to choose certain areas toward school improvement to which they would like to contribute. The group meets once every month to six weeks, as necessary, and acts as a support system for the school by helping organize parental involvement in events such as the Thanksgiving Potluck or Spring Fair. It is also a venue for parents to discuss pertinent issues to the school and to receive feedback from the faculty. The PTA will also contact all HAS parents and caregivers to ensure they are well informed of upcoming events and potential opportunities to participate at the school. Elections are held for PTA members near the beginning of every school year and we always encourage new participation and members!

Parent Teacher Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Hsinchu American School PTA is to promote a strong, integrated, diverse community of parents, faculty and staff to benefit the education of its students. Through programs and special events, the Parent Teacher Association supports the mission of the school.

The Parent Teacher Association facilitates communication between parents and the school while providing opportunities for parents to connect with one another, broaden their understanding Hsinchu American School, and make positive contributions through their volunteer efforts.

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