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Mission Statement

Hsinchu American School is an innovative school focused on preparing students for the constantly changing climate of the 21st century. The school provides a university preparatory program, for international students, using an American-based curriculum. The school offers a rotating schedule of Advanced Placement courses and places a great deal of importance on math and science courses, allowing advanced students to enroll in higher level courses based on ability, as a means of propelling them to greater academic heights. Hsinchu American School also strives to provide students with a strong foundation in the classic liberal arts, to enhance their abilities in the four C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity), and to furnish students with multiple opportunities for experiential learning. HAS is intent upon helping its students become global citizens, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. The program’s focus is to create young adults who can draw upon a plethora of knowledge and skills necessary for life-long success in the modern world.

School Wide Learner Goals (LGs)

Hsinchu American School’s Schoolwide Learner Goals – the LGs – have emerged from the vision and mission that were originally created as foundation and framework for the school. These distinguishing skills and habits of mind and action not only support students in achieving academically, but also in self-directed and continual learning, problem solving and adaptation.


Since their original establishment in the fall of 2011, the LGs have been continuously reviewed, analyzed, and revised by all stakeholders in the school community. They have been most recently revised in the fall of 2013 after multiple sources of input culminating in a set of three areas for student development.

The following are the program’s overall school-wide learner goals (LGs):

Global Citizens
  • Acknowledges of the diverse cultures of our global society

  • Communicates effectively with a proficiency in English

  • Recognizes a responsibility to contribute as members of their community

Critical Thinkers
  • Recognizes and evaluates a variety of approaches to problem solving  

  • Investigates creative solutions to problems

  • Locates, evaluates, and determines the proper use of information

Lifelong Learners
  • Establishes and pursues both academic and personal goals

  • Integrates modern technologies into learning experiences

  • Adopts a balanced approach to learning & lifestyle

  • Participates in meaningful collaboration

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