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Hsinchu American School

No.707, Sec. 2 Wufu Rd., Xiangshan Dist.,  

Hsinchu, Taiwan 300110

Tel: +886-3-520-3211

Fax: +886-3-529-6482


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Driving Directions:
1. Take exit 103 and keep left to Xiangshan.
2. Turn left onto Jiadongjinguan Blvd.
3. Turn right onto Wufu Rd. Sec.2 
4. Enter Chung Hua University campus on your right
5. Follow map provided below, and the Hsinchu American School will be on your right


Campus Hours:

​Back Gate Hours:
07:30-09:00 ; 14:50-16:30
❈ Please enter the campus from the front gate during all other hours.

Chinese Address for Taxi Driver:

300110 新竹市香山區五福路二段707號 (中華大學內)

HAS Map_含後門_edited.jpg

No. 707, Sec. 2, Wufu Rd., Xiangshan Dist.,Hsinchu City 300110, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Directions to HAS: Enter from the main entrance of Chung Hua University → Go straight for about two minutes→ After passing Zhonghua Lake and Duck Lake → You can arrive at Hsinchu American School on the right.


300110 新竹市香山區五福路二段707號 交通資訊:由中華大學正門進入→ 直行約兩分鐘→ 經過中華湖與鴨子湖→ 即可抵達位於右側的新竹美國學校

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