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Campus & Facilities

Located on the grounds of Chung Hua University, the campus is a state-of-art facility created for student achievement. Hsinchu American School has a science lab, robotics lab, music area with practice rooms, student activity center, a weight room and two art classrooms. There is a library, multi-purpose rooms, and a dance studio. The school also has access to various university facilities such as a gymnasium, theater and Olympic-size pool. Hsinchu American School also has two outdoor basketball courts and is in the process of designing a new elementary playground.

Building a green campus! 5 highlights of the new campus of Hsinchu American School 

1. Environment - Embracing the natural ecological environment.

The entrance hall of the school is designed with trees as the theme, as an extension of being one with nature, creating a green and natural campus environment, allowing students to get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the fresh air from nature, and have a comfortable learning environment.

2. Facilities - Diversified Learning Support

To cater to a diverse and rich curriculum, the new school building is equipped with facilities such as music classrooms, art classrooms, science labs, libraries, multi-functional tiered classrooms, robotics classrooms, basketball courts, and outdoor physical activity areas for elementary school students. With a total campus area of over 12,000 square meters, regardless of the weather, it can provide students with ample and flexible space for activities.

3. Technology Aspect - Progressive Smart Classroom

Breaking the limitations of learning with high-tech, connecting global resources, and adopting advanced technological equipment, such as smart classrooms, Interactive touchscreen displays and school-wide wifi, the school encourages teachers and students to interact intuitively, driving students' learning experiences and effectiveness.

4. Safety Aspect - A Second Home Where Parents and Children Feel at Ease

The design of the new school building emphasizes student safety and comfort, making students feel like they are coming home every day. In addition, the school cafeteria has a multifunctional space, not only as a dining area but also as a venue for students to discuss homework and hold small-group meetings.


5.Sustainable Facades - Green Building Design to Assist Zero Carbon Emissions

Designed by architect Pan Tian-yi's team, who recently won the 2022 Taiwan Architecture Award, this building adopts green building design and uses environmentally friendly materials to provide students with fresh air and ample sunlight. In the future, the school plans to install green technology facilities such as solar power generation systems and rainwater harvesting systems to contribute to the earth while providing educational services.

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