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High School Student Council

Student Activities & Community Service

One of the longest running and most prominent student organizations at Hsinchu American School is our High School Student Council. The council consists of 4 Executive Officers - our President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Grade level representatives are also elected

into the council annually. The council follows a self-developed Constitution and works towards improving student life, promoting school spirit, developing new school events, organizing annual school events and activities, managing the student store and the student activities funds.

Working in close collaboration with our Student Council, are our Student Activities and Community Service organizations. Chairs of each committee are also elected officials. The Student Activities committee is responsible for organizing school-wide events such as Homecoming and Prom, holiday parties, club fairs, sports day and school BBQ’s. The Community Service committee plans volunteer opportunities for students to earn community service hours, which are a graduation requirement at HAS. The committee also plans numerous fundraising events throughout the year and donates funds to several charities.

2024-2025 Student Council.jpg
  • President: Lian Chang
  • Vice President : Powell Chiang
  • Secretary : Joanne Peng
  • Treasurer : Mandy Lin
  • Student activities coordinator : Jefferson Huang 
  • Student activities co-coordinator : Gigi Hsu 
  • Community service coordinator : Allen Chen 
  • Community service co-coordinator : Casey Chiu 
  • Elementary/middle school representative : Gaile Au
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