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Ms. Burden, Marie-Louise

Ms. Burden is entering her seventh year of teaching at HAS and enjoys being a part of the HAS community. This year, she will serve as WASC coordinator in addition to her roles as middle school and elementary school chair. She will teach Sport, Exercise, and Health Science, as well as Life Science and elementary PE. Ms. Burden will also advise the Middle School Student Council and be the academic advisor for 8th grade in addition to these classes.


Ms. Burden graduated from North-West University in South Africa with a bachelor's degree in Human Movement Science and Recreation. In addition, she has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of South Africa and a Masters of Education from The College of New Jersey. Ms. Burden is a South African native who has been teaching in Taiwan for the past 12 years. Before moving to Taiwan, she taught in South Africa and coached and managed various sports teams. She has vast experience teaching English Language Learners (ESL) at various levels and enjoys being outdoors in her spare time.


Mrs. Ferris, Brittney

Mrs. Ferris will be entering her third year at HAS. Last year, she taught 5th grade and led the elementary drama club, which she really enjoyed! She will continue teaching 5th grade and leading the elementary drama club for this 2023-2024 school year. 


Mrs. Ferris is from Seattle, USA, and graduated from Washington State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Her teaching journey began in South Korea in 2011, but she has spent the last nine years teaching in Taiwan with her husband. She earned her teaching certification in Upper Elementary Language Arts through Moreland University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, being active, cooking/baking, crafting, watching movies, and reading.

Ferris, Brittney

Mr. Ferris, Patrick 

Mr. Ferris is excited to return to HAS for his third year. This year, he will be teaching marketing, Introduction to Business, Business Math, AP Economics, and ESL. He has 9 years of experience teaching and traveling in Asia, but has spent the majority of his time overseas in Taiwan.


Mr. Ferris was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Economics from The Ohio State University. He loves learning new things, playing competitive games and sports, and taking care of his amazing daughter and wife.

Ferris, Patrick

Mr. Jaeger, Gabriel

Mr. Jaeger is very happy to join HAS as this year’s Computer Science and Physics teacher.

With a Master's in Industrial Engineering and a wealth of experience as a software developer in innovative fields such as AI and blockchain, he brings a unique blend of academic and practical perspectives to teaching.

He is excited about sharing his passion for software development with the students and looks forward to a fun and enriching school year.

Jaeger, Gabriel

Mr.Kensinger, Derek

Mr. Kensinger is excited to enter his first year at HAS as Vice Principal.  He hails from San Francisco, California, and has worked in K-12 international education as a teacher and administrator for over twenty years.  He fosters a safe, diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just school setting for all stakeholders.  


He received his Bachelor’s degree from Colby College in Philosophy, a Master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Education, and a Master’s degree from the University of San Francisco in Educational/Organizational Leadership. He is over 70 percent finished with his doctorate from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in International Education Leadership. He holds a teacher and administrator license from Washington State.  


Mr. Kensinger is looking forward to an excellent school year at HAS. Go Wolves!


Mr. Kudra, Michael 

This is Mr. Kudra’s fourth year at HAS as the 2nd grade homeroom teacher.  He teaches his students the core subjects of Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. He is from Dearborn, Michigan in the United States and has lived in Hsinchu for the past 5 years. He has been teaching in Asia for over fourteen years, in both Taiwan and South Korea, mostly with younger learners in grades K-6. He brings lots of positive energy and enthusiasm into his classroom and strives to create a fun and productive learning environment for his students. 


Mr. Kudra has a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Teaching Multilingual Learners from Moreland University, and an elementary education teaching license from the state of Hawaii. He loves being a part of the HAS team and looks forward to having a fantastic year with all of the students!

Kudra, Michael

Mrs. Lai, May

Mrs. Lai is thrilled to be back for her third year at HAS. She will be teaching Elementary and Middle School Art, AP Studio Art, Painting and Drawing, and Multimedia Art. She has over 10 years of experience teaching English and common core curriculum to young and adult learners. She believes art is a universal language, and visual art can be used as an entry point to critical thinking in other disciplines. She is particularly interested in teaching process art, which favors creativity, expression and experimentation over final product. 


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she attended inner-city public schooling where she formed meaningful relationships with individuals from diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds. She later attended Oberlin College to earn a B.A. in Art History, National Chiao Tung University for an MBA, and most recently, The College of New Jersey for her teacher certification. 


Mrs. Lai enjoys nature walks, good food, meditating, and doing nothing!


Mr. Loi, Enoch

Mr. Loi is excited to be back at HAS for his fifth year! He will be teaching British Literature, Narrative Literature, World Geography, and High School P.E. He will also be serving as the Athletic Director.


Mr. Loi grew up in Southern California and received a Bachelor's Degree in Literary Journalism and a Minor in Education from the University of California, Irvine in 2011. After graduating from college, Mr. Loi came to Taiwan to live, travel, and gain a better understanding of his family’s cultural background. While in Taiwan, he discovered a passion for teaching and returned to UC Irvine where he completed his Master of Arts in Teaching with an English Language Arts credential. 


In his free time, Mr. Loi enjoys reading, exploring Taiwan's beautiful natural environments, and practicing movement.

Loi, Enoch

Murphy, Camren

Mr. Cam (Mr. Murphy was already taken) is returning for his third year at HAS. He is teaching 6th, 7th, & 8th grade Social Studies, Modern World History, and AP Modern World History. He will be serving as the director of the Model United Nations.


Born and raised in Southern California, Mr. Cam earned a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies Learning & Teaching and a Social Studies/History Teaching Credential. He has been teaching in the US and abroad for the last six years. 


Mr. Cam enjoys traveling, hiking, playing guitar, and reading.

Murphy, Camren

Mr. Pérez, Ivan

Mr. Pérez is excited to continue being part of the HAS family as the Spanish teacher for seven consecutive years. He will be teaching Spanish as a full-timer for the first time. Mr. Pérez received his Bachelor degree in Engineering of Opto-Mechatronics and Materials at the University of Chung Hua located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. He also studied a master’s degree in Technology Management and Business Administration at the same University.

Mr. Pérez is from Mexico and has been living, studying, and teaching in Taiwan for over 10 years. Before arriving in Taiwan, he also lived in Montreal, Canada for three years. His thrilling experience of learning languages such as Spanish, English, French, and Chinese awakened a passion for teaching and sharing the Hispanic Language and Culture.

Perez, Ivan

Mr. Ramanujum, Rakesh

Mr. Rakesh is excited to be a science teacher at HAS. This year, he will be instructing high school students in Biology, Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.

Mr. Rakesh received his teaching credential from Moreland University in Washington, D.C., as well as a Ph.D. in biological sciences from National Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Mr. Rakesh has more than ten years of experience teaching middle school and high school students in Taiwan and China. Building trusting bonds with pupils so they may develop as learners is something he is enthusiastic about.

Ramanujum, Rakesh

Ms. Rodriguez, Kimberly

Ms. Rodriguez is beyond excited to be joining the HAS community this academic school year. She will be teaching 6th Grade Literature and Writing, 7th Grade Writing, and High School World Literature courses. Aside from teaching, Ms. Rodriguez will be serving as the middle and high school Guidance Counselor for girls. She will also be advising our Middle School Student Council this school year with Ms. Burden.

Ms. Rodriguez is from Southern California and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Arts degree in Education specializing in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from California State University, San Bernardino. Additionally, she has a teaching certification in English Language Arts from Moreland University. Before moving to Taiwan, she taught in South Korea for 10 years in the public education system. 

Ms. Rodriguez has a passion for education, food, traveling, cycling, and anything related to penguins. She is looking forward to creating a positive and friendly learning environment for all her students as well as exploring Taiwan.

Rodriguez, Kimberly

Mrs. Román, Denise

Mrs. Román is entering her fourth year at HAS. This year, she is looking forward to teaching at the high school level for Introduction to Literature, American Literature, Introduction to Writing, Creative Writing, and History of Film. In addition, she will be one of the advisors for our High School Student Council as well as being the academic advisor for 9th grade.


Mrs. Román graduated with a Masters degree in 2010 from Long Island, New York with a dual certification in Special Education and English for grades 7-12. She taught in New York public schools for middle and high school before moving to Asia in 2012. Since living in Asia, Mrs. Román has taught in all levels ranging from Kindergarten to university. Although she has been an educator for over ten years, she has taken extensive professional development courses throughout the years to continuously grow as an educator.


Mrs. Román is an avid reader of nonfiction and mystery novels. She also enjoys music, dancing, biking, and traveling to new places. In recent years, Mrs. Román has cycled both the East and West coast of Taiwan. She hopes to continue her cycling journey in different parts of the world.

Denise Román_4.jpg

Mr. Shantz, Aaron

Mr. Shantz is really excited to start his fourth year here at HAS. This year, Mr. Shantz will be teaching AP Psychology, AP Seminar, College Essay, and Drama, an eclectic mix to be sure! Mr. Shantz is also extremely happy to be helping to coach the boys basketball team with Mr. Loi. Finally, Mr. Shantz is absolutely thrilled to be joining Ms. Rodriguez as one of the guidance counselors for this year.


Mr. Shantz graduated with an MA and has completed all of his doctoral coursework in sociology at the University of Toronto, with a specialization in the sociology of knowledge and education. Mr. Shantz has over 10 years of teaching experience in both Canada and Taiwan at the university, high school, middle school, and elementary levels. 


In his free time, Mr. Shantz loves to run, play basketball, read, and listen to music. Mr. Shantz is truly thankful to be spending this fourth year in the unique culture and community here at HAS. Go Wolves!

Shantz, Aaron

Ms. Sheu, Winnie

Ms. Sheu is excited to join the HAS family this year as the Middle School Science and Math teacher. Ms. Sheu will be teaching 6th grade Earth Science, 8th grade Physical Science, 6th grade Math, 7th grade Pre-Algebra, and high school Global Issues.  

She was born in Southern California, but grew up in Oregon. Ms. Sheu holds a B.A in Life Science and an M.A. in STEM Education from King’s College London. She also completed her teaching certification at King’s College London and has taught in the UK and other international schools for the last six years.

Ms. Sheu has a passion for education, meditation, and yoga. She sets high expectations for her students and hopes to bring the joy of learning to her classroom.

Sheu, Winnie

Ms. Sliger, Rebecca

Ms. Sliger is very excited about starting her second year at HAS and is thrilled about teaching 1st Grade. Ms. Sliger is originally from Nashville, Tennessee and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. She majored in psychology and minored in Exercise Health Science. She obtained her teaching certificate at the University of West Florida specializing in ESOL, English Speakers of Other Languages. Ms. Sliger has been teaching abroad since 2009, but most of that time has been in Taiwan. She has also taught in South Korea and Poland. 

In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and baking. She will share her love of baking with the students this year by running the cooking club.

Sliger, Rebecca

Mr. Thompson, Shane 

This will be Mr. Thompson’s sixth year at HAS. He will be the homeroom teacher for grade 4 and will be teaching them Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Reading. Mr. Thompson will also be running after school clubs and will be active in sports activities at school all year long.


Mr. Thompson earned his Bachelor of Arts with a History major and English minor in 2006. He earned his Bachelor of Education in 2017. Mr. Thompson is from eastern Canada, but has been living in Taiwan for 12 years. He has also taught in an immersion program for six years teaching English full-time to Taiwanese students. Mr. Thompson is very active and loves hiking, sports, and playing board games whenever possible with friends and students alike. He focuses on creating a fun and entertaining learning environment for his students.

Thompson, Shane

Ms. Tsai, Teresa

Ms. Tsai is embarking on her sixth year at HAS, where she shares her passion for mathematics to students across various levels from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus AB/BC. Beyond the classroom, Ms. Tsai plays a role in nurturing young mathematicians as the coach of the Math Team. Students gain confidence and expertise in tackling advanced mathematical challenges. Furthermore, she shares advisory duties with Mr. Loi, providing guidance and mentorship to 11th grade students.


Her academic journey commenced at the University of Sydney, where she pursued a double major in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree. Prior to her teaching career, Ms. Tsai accumulated a weath of experience working with multinational companies, collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Her goal is to empower her students with the tools they need to confidently navigate life’s challenges armed with the power of mathematics.

Tsai, Teresa

Mr. Wiebe, Dennis

Mr. Dennis will be teaching his second year of 3rd grade homeroom at HAS. He teaches the core subjects of Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. He is originally from Canada, but has lived in Taiwan for approximately 15 years. He has 19 years of teaching experience in Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, and Bahrain. 

Mr. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Education Degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. He also holds a Master Degree and wrote his thesis on Cooperative Learning in the Elementary Classroom. 

Along with many years of homeroom teacher experience, Mr. Dennis also has experience as a Curriculum Coordinator and an Elementary School Department Head. He has high expectations for all of his students and looks forward to helping them succeed by creating a cooperative, fun, and safe learning community in his classroom. His hobbies include traveling, hiking, swimming, cycling, river tracing, and scuba diving.

Wiebe, Dennis

Ms. Wu, Nessa

Ms. Wu is thrilled to begin another year as a full time teacher here at HAS. She teaches elementary and middle school music classes, choir, high school band, and high school music appreciation. She was born in Logan, Utah and grew up in Taiwan and began her music education at the age of six. Throughout her youth, she participated in a number of music festivals and won prizes at local competitions. In 2008, Ms. Wu went to the United States to attend Michigan State University as a piano performance major student. In the fall of 2013, Ms. Wu joined the Master of Music program at Arizona State University. During her master study, Ms. Wu participated and performed at PianoSummer, New Paltz, where she studied under well-renowned pianists. 


Over the years, Ms. Wu also performed in several master classes, which were held by world-class pianists. Ms. Wu earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in piano performance at the University of North Texas in 2021. During her study, she participated in the Young Texas Artists Music Competition and the Lyric Academy Festival in Vicenza, Italy. Besides performing on stage, Ms. Wu is also passionate in piano pedagogy. She minored in piano pedagogy during her Doctoral Degree studies, and she is a music instructor at local music school. Ms. Wu had extensive experience teaching music classes and piano lessons of all ages and levels.


In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, eating delicious food, cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time with family. Ms. Wu is truly grateful to begin her second year journey as a full-time teacher at HAS.


Mr. Chaperon, Philippe

Mr. Chaperon is the French teacher for the ninth consecutive year at HAS.

He is from Nantes (a city in western France) and has been living in Taiwan for twelve years. 


He studied Secondary Education in Nantes and graduated in 2000. He also obtained an academic degree in BTS Force de Vente (specialization in Professional sales qualification). He simultaneously did Writing Classical Music studies in the conservatory of Nantes. He has played pipe organ since he was 15 years old.

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