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1/18 Celebrate the 100th day

👧🧒The elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school by sharing their collection of 100 items. Toothpicks, pom poms, chocolate chips, and UNO cards made it to the list! Then, together in groups they raced to see if they could write a list of 100 words! They are 100 days smarter! 😊

#Celebrate🎉 #100th day🔖

👧🧒小學部孩子們,分享著他們為慶祝開學100天收集來的物品。像是牙籤、毛線球、巧克力脆片、UNO牌卡都在收集名單之中! 接著他們還分組進行了”寫出100個單詞”競賽,如果能填寫出100個單詞就表示他們將會聰明100天! 😊

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