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10/25 Italian Rolls Charity Sale

Guess what happened in the cafeteria on Wednesday, October 25th? An incredible charity sale took place featuring the most delicious Italian rolls you've ever tasted!🥖💫 And our students were lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing Mr. Perez to make it happen. 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

These rolls were delicious, filled to the brim with mouth-watering ingredients and cheese that will leave you craving for more.🤤🧀 Not only did you get to indulge in a slice of Italy, but you also did your part in supporting organizations that need help. Your purchase helped us collect funds to donate to those who need it most!🤝💕

猜猜看10月25日(星期三) 學校餐廳發生了什麼事?一個讓人不敢相信的慈善活動,超級美味的義大利捲餅義賣!🥖💫學生幸運地邀請到料理達人Mr. Prerz合作這一活動。👩‍🍳👨‍🍳



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