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5/9 G3 American Heroes Project!

《American Heroes》 The 3rd grade students completed their social studies project on American heroes. Each student researched an American hero and wrote a short report that included details explaining why the person he/she chose was important in history.

Afterwards, the students had to change their written report to the 1st person point-of-view as if they were the American hero. We heard speeches from George Washington, Amelia Earhart, Clara Barton, Helen Keller, and Martin Luther King Jr.

The students did such an amazing job dressing up like their American hero and presenting their report to the class. We are incredibly proud of our 3rd grade class!

《美國英雄》 三年級的學生們進行了美國英雄的社會科報告。老師讓學生撰寫一位美國英雄的簡報,報告內容包含:身平事蹟及在歷史中為英雄為何如此重要。 之後,老師讓所有學生化身為所撰寫的美國英雄主角,將書面報告內容向大家進行發表。因此我們在課堂上聽取了喬治華盛頓、阿米莉亞埃爾哈特、克拉拉巴頓、海倫凱勒和小馬丁路德金的演講。 學生們打扮成美國英雄的模樣,向全班進行簡報。這些三年級學生們的表現真的是可圈可點,老師為你們感到無比驕傲!


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