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The Hsinchu American School class of 2020 alumni, Wen Chuang participated in the 2020 National High School Athletics Competition. Wen made it to the final round and competed with many good swimmers nationwide. Wen won 6th place in the 50-meter freestyle for the high school male division. Good job, Wen!

In the eyes of HAS teachers, Wen is a humble and courteous student with very excellent self-management skills. Wen is not only an outstanding swimmer, but he also performs very well academically. This year, Wen will be heading off to Purdue University! Let us all congratulate Wen!

🎉🎉🎉狂賀🎉🎉🎉 新竹美國學校今年應屆畢業生莊大寬同學,參加2020全國中等學校運動會,在眾多游泳好手中勇奪高男組50公尺自由式全國第六名佳績! 大寬同學謙遜有禮,自我管理能力好是師長眼裡的好學生,不僅游泳成績亮眼,在校學業成績更是優秀,今年更獲取美國普渡大學入學資格,讓我們一起為大寬喝采!

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