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4/17 G8 Literature Class :LOTF Shelter Building

G8 Literature Class✍️ :LOTF Shelter Building

The 8th grade literature class📖 is reading the classic novel, Lord of the Flies. In the novel, a group of boys👬👬 is stranded on a deserted island, and they must work together to figure out how to survive. In addition to finding food and water, the boys need to build a shelter that will keep them safe from nature (including wild beasts!). To simulate what it would be like in the story, he students worked in teams of three during class today to build miniature shelters using only the natural materials they could find outside. They gathered leaves🍂, sticks, stones, and grass, then used knowledge they learned on the internet and from Boy Scouts to build their shelters. One group even tried to build a shelter that would be big enough to sit inside!



八年級文學課📖正在讀經典小說《蠅王》。在這部小說中,一群男孩👬👬被困在一個荒島上,他們必須共同努力才能生存下來。除了尋找食物和水之外,男孩們還需要建立一個庇護所,以保護他們免於大自然的侵害(包括野獸),為了模擬故事情節,學生在課堂上以三人為一組進行活動,他們只能使用戶外可以找到的天然材料來建造小型避難所。學生們收集樹葉🍂、樹枝、石頭和草,然後利用網路上搜尋到的知識和童軍課程學到的方法建造避難所。 甚至還有一個小組試圖建造一個可以坐在裏面的避難所呢!

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