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1/17 G8 Literature Class "The Tell-Tale Heart"

The 8th grade literature class put the narrator of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" on trial today. For two weeks, they have been preparing and evaluating evidence from the text to determine if the narrator, who admitted to murdering his friend, could legally be held accountable for his actions. They needed to answer three basic questions: 1. Is the narrator legally sane or legally insane? 2. Is he a credible witness or an unreliable one? 3. Is he guilty or not guilty? For each question, some students acted as experts who presented arguments to support their positions while others took notes as the jury, who voted to determine the answers to each question. At the end of class, the narrator was found sane and credible, but still not guilty!

# Mrs. Keller Class # Literature

八年級今天文學課將埃德加·艾倫·坡的《講故事的心》進行了一場文學思判。 這兩週以來,他們著手準備,以便評估並找出文本中的證據,來確認謀殺了他的朋友的敘述者是否應該對這樣的行為負責。 學生們必需要回答三個基本問題: 1.敘述者在法律上是理智的還是在法律上瘋狂的? 2.他是可靠的證人還是不可靠的證人? 3.他有罪還是無罪? 對於每個問題,學生們以專家角度,提出論點來支持自己的立場,而另一部份學生則作為陪審團做筆記,最後他們投票來表決每個問題的答案。 課堂結束時,敘述者被認定無罪,而且是理智而可信的。

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