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11/28 Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 28, at HAS we had our annual Thanksgiving celebration potluck lunch. All of the students and teachers helped contribute to the lunch. This was an amazing experience for students, parents, and teachers to enjoy this American tradition. After the lunch both students and teachers participated in a traditional American football game. This was yet another great Thanksgiving celebration here at HAS. 🌽🍗🍕🥗😃❤️

11/28在HAS舉行了一年一度的感恩節午餐盛宴,全校學生和老師們都精心準備了相當美味可口的餐點。 這次的活動對於所有的學生、老師及家長來說,是一次美國傳統文化的最佳洗禮。 餐會後,學生和老師們進行了一場傳統美式足球比賽。再次體驗了很棒的感恩節慶祝活動。 🌽🍗🍕🥗😃❤️

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