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11/25 Science Fair Award

Nov. 20~21 HAS conducted an annual Science Fair. The competition was fierce! Every student put in a big effort to showcase their work. The list of winners is out! 😃Let us congratulate the winning students.🎉

11/20-11/21 HAS進行了一年一度的科學博覽會,這次競爭相當激烈,每個學生都使出渾身解數,將自己感興趣的主題,從實做中展現具體的成果。 😃得獎名單出爐嘍!讓我們恭喜得獎的學生🎉

🏆【Grade 1st -4th 】 1st Place- Suri Liu Honorable Mention - Alice Azalea Gibbon Honorable Mention - Yuan Heng (Henry) Gau Honorable Mention - Yu-Tzu (Yuki) Lai

🏆【Grade 5th - 6th 】 1st Place - Edison L. Chi 2nd Place - Zi-Ning (Charlize) Liu 3rd Place - Yuan Jen (Eugene) Gau

Honorable Mention - Amy Han 🏆【Grade 7th - 8th 】 1st Place - Erwyn Murphy & Cheng-Kai (Jacob) Chiang 2nd Place - Tsun In (Lanna) Ma 3rd Place - Li-Yen (Lian) Chang Honorable Mention - Szu-Fan (Sophie) Su & En (Eagle) Lee

🏆【High School 】 1st Place - Margaret Gross 2nd Place - Li-Chen (James) Chang & Yi-Hsiang (Bill) Cheng 3rd Place - Christopher Tung Honorable Mention – Edward Kao Honorable Mention – Li-Chen (Richard) Lin Honorable Mention – Yen-Kai (Kevin) Huang & Glen Tasi

🏆【Parent Award】 Alice Azalea Gibbons Casey Chiu Vivian Chen Daria (Dasha) Zayteseva

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