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PSAT Test Sign Up Before 9/3

Dear Parents,

I am currently signing up students for this year's PSAT exam to be given on October 13. The cost is NT800 per student. This is great practice for those students who plan on taking the SAT at the end of their 11th or beginning of their 12th grade years. Please have your student come see me to sign up for this exam. I recommend the test for 9th-11th grade students. The deadline for signing up is September 3.


Darin Murphy



10月13日將舉行PSAT考試,目前學校已經開始受理報名,考試費用為NT800元。PSAT考試對於計畫在11年級結束及12年級開始時,參加SAT考試的學生來說,是個很好的練習機會,因此建議9至11年級的學生可以參加本次考試。如欲參加PSAT 考試的學生,請務必在9月3日前請向Mr. Murphy報名並完成繳費。



總校長 Darin Murphy


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