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8/16 Virtual Assembly

Due to Covid, Monday morning assemblies at HAS take place via Google Meets. All students on campus watch assembly on the screens in their first block classrooms. Mr. Murphy, the Head of School, conducts the assembly along with a member of the Student Council. For the week of August 16, Mr. Murphy was joined by Ethan Murphy, this year's Student Council President.

在新冠肺炎流行期間,為避免群聚,我們透過 Google Meets 進行星期一早上全校集會。 集會活動由總校長Mr. Murphy帶領學生會幹部參與,所有學生在教室投影幕上觀看。本週進行的線上集會是由總校長Mr. Murphy及學生會主席Ethan Murphy共同主持。


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