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5/30-6/2 Online Learning And Graduation Ceremony

May 27, 2022

Dear HAS Parents,

In response to the regulations issued by the Hsinchu City Government, HAS middle school and high school will complete the remainder of our school year online from 05/30 - 06/02. The respective grades will be following our exam schedule for these days, which are as follows:

05/30: A1: 8:20am -11:20am

A2: 12:05pm - 3:05pm

05/31: A3: 8:20am -11:20am

A4: 12:05pm - 3:05pm

06/01: B1: 8:20am -11:30pm

B2: 12:05pm - 3:30pm

06/02: B3: 8:20am -11:20am

B4: 12:05pm - 3:05am

We ask that our students remain engaged with their teachers to determine the exact details of their finals and end-of-semester assessments.

《6/1 Graduation Ceremony (5th - 12th Grade Only)》

Despite the extension of our online school, we would like to announce that our graduation and awards evening will be held at the Lakeshore Hotel on 06/01 from 6 pm-8:30 pm. The event will be held following regulations issued by the Hsinchu City Government and will be open for all students in grades 5-12 to attend. To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we necessitate that the following conditions be followed for all attendees:

  1. Students with a cold or fever should stay at home and take adequate rest. Please do not come to Graduation.

  2. Students should conduct the rapid test the night before the Graduation Ceremony. Take a picture with your name on the rapid test kit and fill out the Google Form (link will be provided next Tuesday).

  3. All students must wear a mask during the event, except for when dining.

Unfortunately, parents and members of the HAS community are not permitted to attend. Instead, we will be live streaming this event via Facebook. We also understand if you do not feel comfortable with your child attending, and we ask all parents to complete the survey regarding your child's participation in the event before 5/30. Our bus service will be provided to our bus students, and the event requires students to dress in semi-formal attire.

Since parents cannot be present to send their blessings to their children in person during the Graduation Ceremony, we will provide you with a unique bouquet order, and they will deliver your blessings to the venue. You are welcome to order the bouquet and enter promo code: American15 to get an exclusive discount.

《6/7 Textbook Return, Locker Cleanout, and Yearbook Collection》

Students will be permitted to return to campus on 06/07 to return their textbooks, clean out their lockers, and collect their yearbooks. Students should arrive on campus by 9:00. Parents should come to pick up the students at 11:00. There will be no planned classes on this day, and school bus service will not be provided. If your child cannot attend on this day, please contact the school office to organize an alternate time to return to campus over the summer vacation.

We thank you all, our HAS community, for your continued patience and understanding in these difficult times. We hope this email finds you and your family in good health and are looking forward to a day in which you can join us in celebrating our wonderful and talented students once again.

Kind regards,

Mitchell Hall




親愛的家長 您好:

為遵守新竹市政府防疫措施,5/30-6/2 1至12年級仍維持居家遠距教學,國中部及高中部期末考,各科考試期程表如下:

5月30日 A1 8:20am -11:20am

A2 12:05pm - 3:05pm

5月31日 A3 8:20am -11:20am

A4 12:05pm - 3:05pm

6月01日 B1 8:20am -11:20am

B2 12:05pm - 3:05pm

6月02日 B3 8:20am -11:20am

B4 12:05pm - 3:05am




  1. 學生如果感冒、發燒,請留在家休息,請勿出席畢業典禮

  2. 參加畢業典禮的學生,請於5/31日進行快篩,快篩匝用奇異筆寫上日期與姓名,拍照上傳聯結。(聯結於下週二提供)

  3. 為維護學生們健康,請學生們在活動期間確實戴好口罩,用餐除外。

本次畢業典禮將透過學校Facebook臉書粉絲專頁進行直播,不邀請家長及貴賓參加,請您見諒!我們也理解家長可能因為擔憂疫病風險,無法讓孩子參與畢業典禮,隨信附上畢業典禮參與調查表,請5~12年級學生於5/30完成填寫,以便統計出席人數。活動當天搭乘校車同學,有校車接送 (4:40第一站發車,8:45搭車返家),請所有參與活動的學生請穿著半正式服裝出席。



請學生們於6/7(星期二) 9:00返校,辦理課本歸還、置物櫃鑰匙歸還及清空並領取年刊,手續完成即可離校,家長可於11:00前接回您的孩子;當天不上課,沒有交通車服務,請學生們於時間完成手續,倘若當天無法到校辦理,請與行政辦公室聯繫,約定日期返校辦理。




副校長 Mr. Hall


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