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5/3 Student Council executive officer speeches

On May 3rd, we had our Student Council executive officer speeches and elections. The candidates spoke directly to the entire student body expressing why the students should vote for them. Congratulations to the following students for being elected as the executive officers for the 2024/2025 school year:

∙ President - Lian Chang

∙ Vice President – Powell Chiang

∙ Secretary – Joanne Peng

∙ Treasurer – Mandy Lin

 Again, congratulations to all the students that were elected. It was a fun and educational experience for the HAS student body.

5/3我們舉行了學生會幹部的政見發表會及選舉。 所有候選人向全校學生發表政見尋求支持。

2024/2025 學年的學生會幹部當選名單:

∙ 會長 - Lian Chang

∙ 副會長 - Powell Chiang

∙ 秘書 - Joanne Peng

∙ 財務 - Mandy Lin

再次恭賀當選的學生 對於 HAS 學生來說,這是一次有趣且具有校園自治教育的學習。


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