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5/3 Lifelong Learner Award

《Lifelong Learner Award》

The recipient of the April Lifelong Learner Award has matured a lot this year, and her teachers have all witnessed this growth. She has become more positive, focused and balanced over the last few months. She has shown that setting and achieving personal and academic goals are very important to the success of middle school students. Congratulations to Angela Wen for being this month's award recipient. We are proud of you!


四月終身學習獎的得獎者,老師們都一致認同她愈來愈成熟懂事。在校的學習態度正向且積極,她明瞭中學生,應該要制定學習目標,努力不懈才能在各領域獲得成功,讓我們恭喜Angela Wen得獎,我們以妳為榮!


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