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5/24 Basketball Game

On Wednesday (5/24), the HAS boys basketball team competed in a Hsinchu City basketball tournament. It was their first time this year playing against local schools and the level of competition was a step above the schools we usually play. The team played well together and showed their spirit and determination. The first game we played was against Panshi ( 磐石). It was a hard fought, back and forth battle and the HAS Wolves kept the score close the whole game. In the end HAS lost by a score of 50-43. In the second game, we were matched up against two-time HBL champion Guangfu ( 光復 ). It was tough to match up with the size and skill of Guangfu, but the boys did their best. It was a great opportunity to play such a strong team and we learned a lot from the experience. In the end we lost 127-44. Kerdis Pan led HAS in scoring in both games. Many younger players got an opportunity to play and build chemistry going into next school year.

上週三(5/24),HAS男子籃球隊參加了新竹市的籃球錦標賽。這是他們今年第一次對陣當地學校,競爭水平高於我們通常對抗的學校。球隊合作默契,展現出他們的精神和決心。第一場比賽對陣磐石學校,是一場激烈的來回搏鬥,HAS狼隊一直保持比分接近。最終,HAS以50-43輸掉了比賽。第二場比賽,我們對上了兩屆HBL冠軍光復學校。與光復的體型和技巧相匹配是很困難的,但男孩們盡力而為。這是與如此強大的球隊對抗的絕佳機會,我們從這次經驗中學到了很多。最終,我們以127-44輸掉了比賽。Kerdis Pan在兩場比賽中都是HAS的得分王。許多年輕球員有機會上場,進一步建立了下個學年的默契配合。


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