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5/23 3rd-5th Grade Winners of the Writing Fair Competition

🎉📚 These 3rd-5th grade students are the winners of our school's very first writing fair competition. This event was a significant moment for our school, highlighting our commitment to fostering creativity and independent thinking. The students were challenged to craft original narratives entirely on their own, without any assistance from parents or teachers. Their creativity and hard work are evident as they proudly display their well-deserved awards. Congratulations to Zach, Anais, Charlene, Amelie, Ethan, Molly, and Aisha (not pictured)!! 🏆✍️

🎉📚恭喜三到五年級第一屆寫作比賽的獲獎學生們!這次比賽意義重大,突顯了學校對培養創造力和獨立思考的承諾。學生們需要完全獨立創作原創故事,不得接受家長或老師的幫助。他們的創意和努力在比賽中展露無遺,看到他們自信地展示應得的獎項,我們感到非常驕傲。恭喜 Zach、Anais、Charlene、Amelie、Ethan、Molly 和 Aisha(未在照片中)!! 🏆✍️


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