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5/20 Online Learning Letter

Dear HAS Parents,

As one of the oldest and most established international schools in Hsinchu, HAS has experienced many elations and faced many challenges since its opening in 2005. It has welcomed fantastic growth in Hsinchu and, since January of 2020, has weathered the challenges imposed by COVID. Throughout this time, our HAS faculty and staff, students, and parent community have ensured that HAS stays strong, no matter the challenge.

With the recent resurgence of COVID in Taiwan, we are driven to make decisions that prioritize our community's safety while also ensuring our student's academic progress remains as unhindered as possible. We are grateful that we have continued to facilitate your child's education in person up until this point; however, we must comply with government regulations that apply to all schools in Hsinchu. This email will entail the roadmap regarding the completion of our academic year:

High School and Middle School (Grade 5-12)

Our high school and middle school will be moving to online learning from 05/23 - to 05/27. This may be extended following future government regulations. Our teachers are currently working to establish a plan for their respective finals should we remain online the following week (05/30 - 06/02). We ask that you ensure your child remains engaged with their teacher during online class, as teachers may adapt and change assessments following online learning.

Elementary School (Grade 1-4)

The elementary school will remain in online learning for the remainder of the academic year (05/20 - 06/02). Our elementary teachers have begun establishing and implementing online classes for their respective grade levels.

Regarding textbook return for elementary students, we will establish a time on 06/02, between 8:30 am -11:00 am, for students to return to campus, pick up any personal belongings, and return textbooks and locker keys. There will be no school bus service on this day, nor an established class.

We thank you, our HAS community, for your patience and understanding regarding the school's adaptation to the ever-changing COVID landscape. We will keep you updated with any future updates and hope you and your family remain safe, happy, and healthy during this difficult time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Mitchell Hall





高中部及中學部 (5年級至12年級)








副校長 Mr. Hall


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