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4/26 Grade 3 Social Studies Class

In Social Studies, the third grade class learned about the transcontinental railroad in America. To wrap up this lesson, the students learned to play the game Ticket to Ride which shows how train routes have expanded through time. The students had fun completing their train tickets by connecting different routes. What a wonderful way to finish the week! #HsinchuAmericanSchool #ThirdGrade #SocialStudies # transcontinentalRailroad #TicketToRide

三年級社會科學課,學生們學習了美國橫貫大陸鐵路課程。因此學生們學習了『鐵道任務』桌遊,這個遊戲顯示了火車路線是如何隨著時間而擴展,來做為本次課程的總結。學生們很高興透過連接不同的鐵道路線,來完成任務。 上完本周這樣的課程真是太美妙了 #新竹美國學校 #三年級 #社會科 #橫貫大陸鐵路 #鐵道任務


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