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3/11 Elementary Field Trip

After working so hard on their science fair projects, the elementary students took a half-day field trip to 19 Hectares Grassland. First, the kids flew their handmade kites in a large open field. Then the students took a nature walk to get to a small park to play. Afterwards, the students had fun going down a series of very long slides. Finally, everyone enjoyed some snacks and drinks from a small shop before heading back to school. We were all so happy to see the children having some fun in the sun! We are already looking forward to our next field trip.

在辛苦努力準備科展之後,小學部的學生們到青青草原,進行半天的戶外教學。孩子在寬廣的大草原,放著自己製作的風箏,盡情的奔跑。漫步在草原步道,接受芬多精洗禮,到小公園裡遊戲。還體驗了超長溜滑梯,大家都玩得不亦樂手!最後大家到入口處的小店休息吃點心,再返回學校。 老師們很開心,看著孩子們在陽光下汗水淋漓的笑臉,心裡也好滿足。我們已經開始期待下一次的旅程了!


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