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3/1 Global Citizenship Award

For the month of March, the elementary teachers have chosen a student that possesses a “growth mindset” attitude. She is proactive in seeking different ways to improve herself academically, personally, and socially. She is a flourishing student in the elementary department, making her an excellent example for others to follow. She is also well-loved and respected by her peers and teachers. Well done, Clare Liu!

《全球公民獎》 三月份小學部老師選出了一位,學習主動具有“成長心態”的學生。 她積極嘗試不同方法來提升自己的課業、個人能力及人際互動。 學習勤奮認真,深獲老師和同學喜愛,是同學們的榜樣。Clare Liu實在是太棒了!


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