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2024 Book Fair

 With the help of our PTA, we had the pleasure of welcoming CAVES Bookstore on 5/15. They brought a variety of genres in English, and the students were intrigued. Mr. Kudra, the second grade teacher, said his students were so excited about the new books that they immediately sat down and read them for more than 30 minutes in class, and they were thrilled to share their books with each other. We look forward to having CAVES Bookstore visit again!  

 經由家長會的協助, 5月15日很榮興邀請到敦煌書局到學校來舉行書展。他們帶來了各式各樣的英文書籍,學生們的目光都被這些圖書吸引住了。二年級老師Mr. Kudra說他的學生看到這些新書非常開心,在課堂坐下來閱讀了超過30分鐘,並且很高興地互相分享閱讀心得。我們期待敦煌書局再次來訪!


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