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School Closed Until 2/24

Dear HAS Parents,

The situation in Taiwan concerning the Wuhan coronavirus has been changing rapidly, and as a result, the school's response has also been evolving. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education announced the extension of Chinese New Year's break for all primary and secondary schools in Taiwan. International schools in Taiwan also quickly changed their response to the ongoing health crisis as a result.

I have been in touch with other schools in the country, including KAS and HIS, and have been monitoring the response of many others. To both ensure the safety of our staff and students and to continue the educational opportunities that we are obligated to provide, we will be taking the following actions:

  1. There will be no on-campus classes until the 24th of February.

  2. We will begin on-line delivery of instruction beginning on Monday, February 10 through the utilization of our Renweb system and Google Classroom.

  3. This week's instruction (Feb 3-7) will be made up in June by extending our school year from June 5 to June 12.

Nearly every international school in the country is going to on-line instruction over the next couple of weeks in response to this health crisis. We will be sending out further instructions later in the week outlining our expectations for both students and teachers in how this instruction will take place over the two-week period in question.

I want to thank everyone for their support in this time of uncertainty. HAS will do whatever it can to ensure the best possible education for your children, and I hope that everyone takes the proper precautions and remains safe.


Darin L. Murphy Head of School




  1. 暫停上課至2月23日為止 (2月24日為上課日)。

  2. 自2月10日(星期一)開始,我們將利用Renweb系統和Google線上教學。

  3. 因應2月3日至2月7日停課,原定的學期結束日將延後到6月12日。



敬祝 平安健康

總校長 Mr. Murphy

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