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9/20 Lock-In

We had another successful Lock-In party over the weekend at HAS! This event is one of the most memorable and popular events of the year. The Student Council worked hard to plan all of the activities and make the necessary preparations, including spending time cleaning the grills, shopping for food, and many meetings to ensure that everything was in order. The night started off with a group assembly and voting in of the new house members. Then, the students separated into their houses and participated in different team building activities. For dinner, the students helped prepare a rooftop barbeque. After dinner students joined in different activities, such as karaoke, video games, and a variety of sports. The students even had a karaoke fundraiser/competition where are the proceeds went to World Vision. The evening was full of excitement and fun and will undoubtedly have a lasting positive impact on the students. Overall, it was a huge success and the students are already anxiously anticipating next year’s Lock-In party!

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