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Halloween Party

On October 27, Hsinchu American School celebrated a favorite tradition - Halloween! We began the event with a fun catwalk where all the students got to show off their amazing costumes. We saw a pair of adorable kitties, Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph, a hippie, several different anime characters, and Winnie the Pooh! Many teachers dressed up too, showing off their school spirit! Mr. Silverman, Ms. Phenix, Ms. Chen and Mr. Maguire went with a storybook theme - dressing up like Robin Hood, an evil queen, Little Red Riding Hood and a very scary Big Bad Wolf. Mr. Maginn disguised himself in a Totoro costume; Ms. Reep was a beautiful monarch butterfly and Ms. Burden sure scared lots of fifth graders, dressed as a terrifying ghost!

After our costume catwalk and contest, the middle school and high school students competed in a variety of activities. The middle school students had so much fun decorating pumpkins and getting a sugar rush from all the candy they caught during Candy Rain. The high school students ate their hearts out in a hanging donuts contest and got soaked bobbing for apples. The event went swimmingly well and Halloween is definitely an event to remember! Enjoy your candy, and remember to brush your teeth kids!

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