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Raise Your Voice

May 12th was a long awaited day for many students. After weeks and weeks of practicing, songs after songs, it was finally the time for Raise Your Voice – a collaborative concert between IBSH, HIS, and our school! Students from all three schools showed off their talents at the IBSH new auditorium. The show started at 6:00 P.M. and the night was very much a success, with an audience so large we almost filled up the whole auditorium.

Our students arrived at IBSH at four and prepared for the performances in the auditorium. Some people began rehearsing while others began setting up the stage, others went directly to the restaurants nearby to hunt for food. At first, things were not as nerve-wracking, however, as the backdrop of the huge hand holding a microphone went up, and the fog machine came to full blast, our nerves returned. After a few hours of free time and set up, students from all schools began shuffling into the auditorium. The lights were dimmed, the room was packed, and the show began.

The show began with our very own Monica Huang and Spencer Yao performing “Give You What You Like,” which was then followed by a performance of “Lightyears Away” by Amy Lin, Wilfred Hu, Dana Tils, and Chrissie Gross. The first half of the show was closed off with an exciting dance performance by the HAS dance group that really blew the audience away. The Second half of the show was then followed by more dances and musical performances by students. Overall, the second annual Raise Your Voice was a huge success!


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