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New Student Council Officers Elected

Hsinchu American School is proud to announce the election of student officers for Fall term, 2009-2010. The Student Council has made a strong commitment to be an active organization that represents the diverse needs of the student body. The following article, written by next year’s Secretary/Treasure, Peter Liao, introduces the new officers.

By Peter Liao

As of May 2009, our crew has elected three ninth grade sailors to be in charge of the small ship in which Hsinchu American School resides. As a ship still on its maiden journey, many hidden reefs in the ocean of public affairs, now seemingly serene, endanger our unprepared ship.

Wilson Hung, Grace Wu, and Peter Liao each took a position in the cabinet of the hip HAS ship. Many responsibilities formerly left unattended now fall onto the shoulders of these youngsters.

In the captain’s seat (President) sits Wilson, one of our intelligent gentlemen. He works hard for things that he wants and will do so to enrich our lives as students. Captain Wilson often knows what to do and say in difficult situations, and this communication skill will prove vital for the activities held during the time of Captain Wilson’s term. Last, but not least, he takes responsibility upon his shoulders when necessary. With Captain Wilson, the crew members need not worry about having a council that constantly tries to slide away from heavy burdens.

Our gentle and hardworking lady Grace took second in power as our executive officer (Vice President). She likes to read books and collect knowledge from various sources, which the crew truly believes will contribute to her abundance of creative ideas for the ship. Officer Grace socializes with ease, which will benefit Captain Wilson as he acquires resources for the cabinet.

Peter accepted the job as the bursar (Treasurer) and book-keeper. Due to a slight degree of pet peeves, Peter has a decent habit of organizing most of his things. This will certainly aid the cabinet in planning things for the crew.

As representatives of the ship, the council shall lead the crew to plenty of adventures and treasures!

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