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2/22 The P T Conference for quarter 3 was a huge success!

📚🍎 The Parent-Teacher conference for quarter 3 was a huge success! 🎉 We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the parents who made the effort to attend the event and meet the teachers. 💖 Your support is priceless in creating a positive and enriching learning atmosphere for our students. 🙌 Let us keep collaborating to support our children's educational journey! 🚀

📚🍎 第三季家長座談會非常成功! 🎉 我們要衷心感謝所有抽空前來學校與孩子老師面談的家長。 💖 您的支持在培養一個積極而豐富的學習環境中是無價的。 🙌 讓我們繼續攜手合作,支持孩子的教育之旅吧! 🚀


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