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2/17 G1 Building a Bridge

《Building a Bridge》 Experiments and activities such as "Building a Bridge" help to introduce first graders to the wonderful world of science! This multidisciplinary project incorporates math, science, art, planning, and fine motor skills. It also places a strong emphasis on cooperative learning and problem-solving through hands-on experience. The three pairs were tasked with building a bridge strong enough to hold two toy cars for 15 seconds. Not all teams were successful at first, but after group feedback and an opportunity to re-design, all teams successfully completed the task!

《小小造橋工程師》 老師藉由“大家一起來造橋”課程活動,帶領一年級學生進入有趣的科學世界! 這是個融合了數學、科學、藝術、計劃和小肌肉訓練活動;此外學生們還需要透過相互合作及實驗來解決問題。老師請每組學生,建造可以承重2輛玩具車15秒的橋樑,他們在經過幾次失敗,不斷討論修正後,終於每組都完成了任務!


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