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12/28 Elementary Students' Creative 3D Model!

《Elementary Students' Creative 3D Model!》 The 3rd and 4th grade students have finished their unit on ecosystems. For their project assessment, each student created an ecosystem diorama. Then they wrote descriptive details that included information about the living and nonliving things that live in their ecosystem. Additionally, they discussed the importance of their habitat and an example of a food chain that occurs in their environment.

The students enjoyed making their projects and were very creative. After the completion of their project assessments, the 3rd and 4th graders came together to present their diorama project. They all did such a phenomenal job!

小學生創意立體模型動手作! 三、四年級學生,完成自然科學生態系統單元課程後。老師讓每位學生動手製作,生態系統立體模型作為課程評量。學生們在生態模型中標記了生物及非生物各項要素,並且描述了重要細節。此外,他們還討論了手作生態系統中,生物習性及食物鏈與生態的關連。 學生們都非常喜愛自己創作生態立體模型。評量結束後,三、四年級的學生一同展示了他們引以為傲的立體模型。不得不說他們製作的模型真的讓人驚艷!


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