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11/4 Learning English is fun!

Learning English is fun! During one of the after-school activities, the students watched Schoolhouse Rock! videos to learn about the different parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, interjections, etc.

After watching all the videos, each student chose a MAD LIBS™ story they wanted to complete. Then the students partnered up and gave each other words to fill in the blanks of the story they chose using the different parts of speech they learned.

This activity was just a fun way for students to learn different parts of speech in the English language without focusing on spelling or grammar. The kids had fun with it and did such a phenomenal job!

《學英文好好玩》 國小部課後活動中,學生們觀看了影片『Schoolhouse Rock!』影片中解說了名詞、動詞、形容詞、連詞、感嘆詞…等不同詞性。

看完影片後,每位學生選擇了一個他們想要完成的 MAD LIBS™ 故事學習單。在大家相互合作下,用他們學到的不同詞性,在自己選擇的故事學習單填空處,填上適合的字詞。

這個填詞活動非常有趣,讓學生可以在不關注拼寫或語法的情況下學習英語。 每個學生都在課堂上玩得很開心盡興,也完成了一張很棒的學習單!


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