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11/25 No Shave November

HAS held its annual No-Shave November fundraiser for World Vision. Students donate money to individual teacher's cups, and upon reaching a certain level, the teachers must shave their beards in an unusual fashion. This year, six staff members participated and Community Service reaped the rewards of money raised.

11月份新竹美國學校為“世界展望會” 的募款,舉辦年度”十一月不修鬍”活動。 學生將錢投入,給每位參加活動老師的捐款杯中,當捐款達到一定高度後,參加活動老師必須以學生指定的方式剃掉鬍鬚。 這次有6位老師參加了這項有義意活動,使得社區服務團隊募款更進一步。


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