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11/22 No Shave November

Hsinchu American School just completed its annual "No-Shave November" charity fundraiser. The Charity Society Club sponsored this year's event and raised money by collecting funds to force teachers into funny shaves. 🧔 Mr. Ferris got first place and had to shave half of his face. 👨‍🏫 Mr. Jaeger came in second with a Fu Manchu, and Mr. Kensinger finished third and sported the Custer. Mr. Murphy did not place and did not have to shave. 🚫🪒 Not in the photo, Mr. Kudra raised money in the elementary school during this event.

新竹美國學校剛剛完成了每年一度的「十一月不刮鬍子慈善募款」活動。慈善俱樂部促成了今年的活動,透過募集資金來讓老師將鬍子刮成趣味的造形。 Mr. Ferris榮獲第一名,他必須刮掉一半的鬍子。 Mr. Jaeger以福爾摩沙式的小鬍子獲得第二名,而Mr. Kensinger獲得第三名,留下卡斯特式的鬍子。Mr. Murphy未得名,不用刮特別的鬍子。 照片中沒有出現的Mr. Kudra則在這次活動期間進行了小學部的慈善資金募集。


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