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10/8 What Is the PSAT Test?

What is "PSAT"?

Everything you Need to Know

What is the PSAT test?

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a well-known standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. It tests what the students learn in high school with the common core standards and their readiness for college and takes three hours to finish. However, PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is a primer for the SAT. Students use the PSAT as a practice for the SAT to detect their strengths and weaknesses. With the PSAT test results, students can use the score as an essential guidepost for their college admissions journey and compare their scores with the expectations of the university's SAT score requirements. In addition, the PSAT test is a qualifying test for the National Merit scholarship for American students. Therefore, the PSAT test is vital for high school students that would like to study abroad.

Why take the PSAT?

PSAT scores can help students predict SAT scores, and PSAT test scores can be used as specific indicators for SAT exams. Through the performance of PSAT, students can know which part of their preparation should be strengthened before taking the SAT.

What sections are on the PSAT test?

The PSAT is a full English test with the same type of questions as the SAT but does not include the essay section.

The structure of the test is as follows:

◎ Reading Test

◎ Writing and Language Test

◎ Math Test (No Calculator)

◎ Math Test (Calculator)

How is the PSAT score calculated?

The PSAT is scored on a scale of 320 to 1520 points. The score is the sum of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students will be given a raw score scale between a minimum of 8 points to a maximum of 38 points.

PSAT score calculation method: (reading 38 + writing 38) × 10 = 760 + mathematics 38 × 20 = 760, making the total possible score 1520 points.


什麼是 PSAT ?

大家所熟知的SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) 是美國的大學入學考試,也是申請大學所必備項目之一,考的是學生整體的知識累積,沒有考試範圍,也無法短時間速成。

然而PSAT(Preliminary SAT)就是大學前的預科考試,PSAT也可以說是SAT模擬考。透過 PSAT成績,學生能察覺自己的弱項,對比自己期望的大學對 SAT 分數的要求,以便更有計劃的準備 SAT 考試。

此外,美國籍學生PSAT成績,還可用來申請美國學業獎學金(National Merit Scholarship)。


為什麼要考 PSAT?

PSAT成績可以幫助學生預測SAT分數,PSAT 的測驗成績可作為SAT 考試的具體指標。透過PSAT 的成績表現,學生可以知道,自己在參加 SAT 考試時,有哪些是應該要加強準備的部份。

PSAT 考什麼?

PSAT 為全英文考試,題型和 SAT 相同,但不包含論說文寫作(essay)。


◎ 閱讀測驗Reading Test

◎ 寫作綜合測驗Writing and Language Test

◎ 數學(無計算機)Math Test (No Calculator)

◎ 數學(有計算機)Math Test (Calculator)



PSAT 分數計算方式:(閱讀 38+寫作綜合 38)×10=760 + 數學 38×20=760,總分 1520 分。


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