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1/16 Lexia Superstar

《Lexia Superstar》

In elementary we are celebrating some reading awards! The students have been using a reading program called Lexia which helps with grammar, reading, and comprehension. They have had fun using the program and are learning a lot at the same time. Lexia certificates are earned when a student passes their current level, and we are proud to see so many students achieve this during the month of January.

Great job to

Grade 1 Tristan, Victoria

Grade 3 Hank, Yoyo

Keep up the good work!


小學部頒發閱讀獎來積極鼓勵學生閱讀, 學生們透過線上閱讀軟體 Lexia 來提昇文法、閱讀和理解能力。 他們閱讀後進行遊戲闖關晉級,學生們都玩得很開心,同時也學到了很多東西。 1月有許多學生達成晉級目標,取得Lexia晉級 證書。

Grade 1 Tristan, Victoria

Grade 3 Hank, Yoyo



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